The North American Imported Sported Dog Association has been founded by breeders, for breeders, with a dual mission: to consolidate and maintain a detailed contact list of purebred FCI retrievers, setters, spaniels et al imported into the U.S. and Canada, their progeny and links to kennel sites with e-mail addresses– That is, to maintain a “list-serve” of purebred foreign-born dogs in this category.

Our companion mission is to provide interim Certificates of Lineage of individual imported dogs and their progeny specifically for those breeders who are committed to slowing the proliferation of for profit breeding of imported dogs by selling on contracts with a no-breeding clause.  These are for your records and puppy buyers.

As you can see if you Google “registration papers,”  the internet has become a means for a variety of persons with a variety of motives to offer registration papers for sale but no true registry—official and safeguarded list or database, of the dogs they claim to register.

For this reason, beginning this project with foreign born English Golden Retrievers, we have established this archive and will provide Certificates of Lineage provided that you send us copies of  export pedigrees  and both a link to and copy of your k9data or other searchable database.

Our fees are $25.00 per dog to be stored on the list and for a jpeg  or Word file of your certificate with puppy’s name and relevant links.  Please address questions and send info to stammtrust@yahoo.com.  The Stamm Trust is a philanthropic organization active in civil rights advocacy, provision of Golden Retrievers to the disabled, and other related projects.

Permanent registries in the U.S. include the Field Dog Stud Book (FDSB), the United Kennel Club, and the American Kennel Club.

We also offer custom forms for health certifications to post on your site or provide to your puppy buyers with pedigrees and Certificate of Lineage.




How to Join

Our protocol is simple:  fill out our application and send FCI-pedigree and registration certificates–usually these days in one document– to us.  We will make a record of your information and send you certificates for your dogs and their progeny.

To use our breeder services you must agree to include a non-breeding clause on any puppy you sell, providing us a copy of your sales contract so stating.  You must offer us proof of the dog’s identity which is not only its export pedigree and that you are the owner of record, but also often includes a tattoo or microchip number.  You must also include a link to a working database for your breed or to a breed club of which you are a member; the link will be included on the document.  Golden Retrievers and Labs have k9data.com and other databases.

Individual certificates are $35.00 each.  Litter registrations are $100.00, one certificate issued for each puppy.  Allow two weeks’ turn around time until further notice and e-mail your information to stammtrust@yahoo.com, which means scanning in your FCI material.  See the Application Page and review our other services.