The North American Imported Sported Dog Association has been founded by breeders, for breeders, with a dual mission: to consolidate and maintain a detailed record of purebred FCI retrievers, setters, spaniels et al imported into the U.S. and Canada and their progeny, that is, to maintain a registry of purebred foreign-born dogs in this category.

Additionally, those dogs imported by North Americans with FCI pedigrees– Federation Cynologique Internationle and regional kennel clubs sanctioned by FCI, come with attractive and detailed annotated export registration papers and pedigrees that call for such a registry.

Yet AKC reluctantly acknowledges FCI, and charges three times the money, a DNA test and microchip or tattoo number and photographs all to register our imports with AKC.

These are punitive requirements. Therefore, our companion mission is to provide interim Certificates of Registration of individual imported dogs with FCI papers, and their progeny specifically for those breeders who are committed to slowing the proliferation of for profit breeding of imported dogs by selling on contracts with a no-breeding clause.

As you can see if you Google “registration papers,”  the internet has become a means for a variety of persons with a variety of motives to offer registration papers for sale but no true registry—official and safeguarded list or database, of the dogs they claim to register.

It gets worse. Sadly but tellingly, the Golden Retriever Club of America, with the blessing of AKC, has begun a smear campaign against cream-coated British Goldens. The generalities and negativity on the GRCA site are deeply distressing to those who have forged strong bonds with European breeders, never mentioning the quality of foreign dogs, or their beauty.

In addition,  AKC judges fault cream-coated Goldens—passing heavy judgement on some of the most beautiful dogs in the world.  The United Kennel Club and the Field Dog Stud Book are available to breeders–these too have complex requirements and caveats. Why not establish a registry specifically for imported sporting dogs in North America—a consolidated list based on FCI export papers and pedigrees—keeping certain goals in mind.

If you browse through the websites of those offering “English Creams,” properly British Cream-Coated Golden Retrievers, who have imported their breeding stock and paid stiff fees to register their dogs with AKC, you will see that there is an ingrained attitude that to have AKC papers makes a dog more valuable.  This is also the public’s attitude or understanding—a reputation undeserved by the ingrown and entrenched organization, particularly since there are older and well-respected registries/kennel clubs– United Kennel Club and the Field Dog Stud Book, founded in the 1800s.

By the time given importing breeders register with AKC and obtain clearances for the standard genetic defects they feel justified in continuing to promote the idea that the cream-coated Golden is rare, that because they have obtained standard certifications and bought from top European, Scandinavian, Slavic or Russian/Ukrainian bloodlines, they should sell their puppies for $3k, all the while asserting that their dogs are guaranteed against the defects for which the parents are screened. This is outrageous and immoral.  The going rate for a pup with champion parents in the US, bred in the US with US bloodlines, is around $1500.00.

A little off the subject, it is also highly misleading to guarantee the soundness of puppies before they are old enough to receive clearances for hip, heart, eye and other defects.  Obtaining clearances on hips, eyes, hearts, thyroid et al on the sire and dam increases the odds but is not a guarantee.  Because all inheritable traits are polygenic, two parents with OFA excellent hips can produce an entire litter of dysplastic puppies.  Parents screened for known hereditary issues in the breed are your inherent “guarantee” and so much the better if all four sets of grandparents have been screened.

Helen Stamm of Waverly English Pointers and I, dba Ardorgold “English Cream” Golden Retrievers and others have determined that it is time to stand up to the AKC as well as to debunk some myths that have an unsuspecting public paying $3k and up for a puppy based on the color of his or her coat. Many such breeders do not draw a buyeer’s attention to a puppy’s conformation or construction,  or his or her retrieving desire.

In founding the North American Imported Sporting Dog Association and offering interim registration certificates and keeping detailed records of imported dogs with FCI pedigrees, we want to offer something different and of high quality and value to the discerning importing breeder.

It is also our mission to assist in curtailing the proliferation of for-profit breeders who buy breeding stock from a poor country who pay no attention to the breed standard as put forth by the Federation Cynologique Internationale and/or its satellite clubs and resell or market these dogs for many times the money.  We will not offer just anyone an option to be listed in our registry or to receive certification from us.  We will look at your website and gain all possible information on your breeding practices.  

This is the inaugural month for the North American Imported Sporting Dog Association.  Thank you in advance to participating breeders for helping us be a better alternative to the established registries that penalize importers with high registration fees and requirements, as well as the many faux online registries that do not require any documentation and hence, lack meaning or function. e:mail stammtrust@yahoo.com



How to Join

Our protocol is simple:  fill out our application and send FCI-pedigree and registration certificates–usually these days in one document– to us.  We will make a record of your information and send you certificates for your dogs and their progeny.

To use our breeder services you must agree to include a non-breeding clause on any puppy you sell, providing us a copy of your sales contract so stating.  You must offer us proof of the dog’s identity which is not only its export pedigree and that you are the owner of record, but also often includes a tattoo or microchip number.  You must also include a link to a working database for your breed or to a breed club of which you are a member; the link will be included on the document.  Golden Retrievers and Labs have k9data.com and other databases.

Individual certificates are $35.00 each.  Litter registrations are $100.00, one certificate issued for each puppy.  Allow two weeks’ turn around time until further notice and e-mail your information to stammtrust@yahoo.com, which means scanning in your FCI material.  See the Application Page and review our other services.