Sample Registration Certificate

(Original Document will have braided certificate border,  and can be printed on quality rag content paper and have a gold foil seal.)


Registration Number ________________________________________

Owner(s) of record_________________________________________________________________.

NAISDA Hereby affirms that the puppy dog or bitch listed below

Born on _____________________________  in _________________________________________,  named __________________________________________________________________________________, bred by ___________________________________________________________________, sold on _______________________,  microchip or tattoo number______________________,

Is by_____________________ out  of  _____________________  per attached FCI export or linked k9data  pedigrees.

This dog is listed as ____________________________________ at and other databases and stud books.  ________________________________.


H.J. Stamm, The Stamm Bird Dog Trust,  Founder, North American Imported Sporting Dog Association.  Seal:


Notes of Record

The North American Imported Sporting Dog Association maintains a registry of the purebred FCI sporting dogs imported into North America and their progeny, grand-progeny, et al as requested.  This registry is not affiliated with other kennel clubs– nor is it a database.  It is merely an informal but accurate registry designed to serve as a community-driven “listserve” of owners and dogs, to provide a document of registration, and as alternative to established organizations such as AKC, UKC, et cetera, for those importers who do not intend to compete and who wish for all progeny to be sold without breeding rights except by attached owner-breeder affidavit.  We urge you to add database/pedigree site link to the materials you send.